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Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

Source BioScience provides a PGS service, enabling you to offer your patients a safe and simple solution to pre-implantation genetic screening.

What can we screen for?

Common Infertility Problems Addressed by PGS

  • Advanced maternal age
  • Unexplained infertility
  • History of miscarriage
  • Pregnancy failure
  • Carrier of genetic diseases

Common Syndromes Detected by PGS

  • Patau Syndrome (+13)
  • Edwards syndrome (+18)
  • Down syndrome (+21)
  • Klinefelter syndrome (XXY)
  • Turner syndrome (XO)
  • XYY syndrome (XYY)

Why offer your patients PGS

PGS is a tool that can provide you and your patients with more information about their embryos and aid in minimizing the risk of transferring embryos with chromosomal abnormalities.

There are many benefits of PGS testing for patients looking to have a child.  Some of the benefits PGS testing include:

  • being informed of the number of embryos with an incorrect number of chromosomes which can be minimized before transfer to the womb.
  • Reducing miscarriages which are commonly due to chromosome abnormalities. 
  • Knowing the chromosome status of each embryo may increase the likelihood of achieving pregnancy with IVF.

How does the Source BioScience PGS Service work?

  1. We supply your clinic with our PGS kit, which has a test request form and the consumables required to transport the patient sample
  2. You send us a patient sample and the test request form - in the freepost box provided
  3. We analyse the sample and send you a report.

For further information and prices please contact us or call +44 (0)115 973 9012

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