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Genotyping Services

Genotyping Services

Typing of DNA samples is integral to family-based & population-based genetic studies. Source BioScience offers an excellent range of high-quality genotyping services to fit your needs.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and copy number variants (CNVs) are the most common sources of genetic variation in different species. Source BioScience has a range of different platforms, including Affymetrix, Illumina, Applied Biosystems and Fluidigm, for SNP analysis and can be used for reliable genotyping of any number of SNPs from just a few up to several million, thus supporting projects of all sizes from small scale to large scale discovery, validation and screening projects. Source BioScience also provides solutions for the most exciting genotyping areas, such as CNV analysis, microsatellite typing, and DNA fingerprinting.

Fluidigm SNP genotyping clustering plot

Fluidigm SNP genotyping clustering plot

Our solutions

  • SNP Genotyping using a variety of platforms
  • CNV analysis
  • Microsatellite analysis
  • DNA sample identification
  • GCP accredited services for inclusion within the delivery of clinical trials

Our platforms

Our genotyping services include

  • Free advice on experimental design
  • DNA isolation
  • DNA reformatting
  • Target/marker selection and development
  • High, mid and low sample throughput
  • Data analysis by our team of bioinformaticians

Your benefits

  • Peace of mind of using a laboratory with extensive experience of running small, medium and large-scale projects
  • Excellent data quality
  • Lowest costs



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