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Microsatellite Genotyping Services

Microsatellite Genotyping Services

Microsatellites are repetitive sequence elements - usually a dinucleotide such as (CA)n. There are tens of thousands of microsatellites in the human genome. Any one microsatellite locus will have a number of different alleles, each with a different number of repeat units.

We have earned a strong reputation in microsatellite typing. Our present operations evolved from the highly regarded 'HGMP Linkage Hotel', and we now offer high throughput contract research as well as data analysis.
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Microsatellite typing has been used in thousands of linkage analyses of mendelian traits to detect co-segregation of a distinct phenotype with a particular microsatellite allele in a family. It has also been used to identify genes in complex diseases.

  • We have optimised protocols for using ABI PRISM® Linkage Mapping Sets. These are sets of microsatellite markers distributed at medium density (10 centiMorgan) and high density (5cM) across the human genome.
  • We also design, validate and apply user-defined microsatellites.


  • ABI Prism 3730 and 3100 genetic analysers for high throughput PCR product analysis
  • Automated data analysis
  • High throughput liquid handling

Why use Source BioScience

  • Quality: Backed by nearly ten years experience and with a track record of successes in detecting linkage, our contract research is fast and accurate.
  • Pricing: Our high throughputs reduce unit labour and capital costs meaning that we can offer exceptional value for money. Furthermore, savings are made by bulk purchase of reagents.
  • Personal Touch: We work with each customer to ensure optimisation of experimental design. All data is sent in strictest confidence to you.
  • Commitment to improvement: We are continuously introducing new technologies to reduce costs, shorten timelines and reduce consumables including your DNA.


For further information and prices please contact us or call +44 (0)115 973 9012

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