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STR Profiling for Cell Line Validation

STR Profiling for Cell Line Validation

Cultured human cell lines are used in a number of biomedical research and clinical applications, including genetics, drug discovery, bio banking and cancer research.

There is increasing pressure from the scientific community to use validated cell lines in research to create consistency throughout its applications and reduce the cross contamination and misidentification of cells. 

Short Tandem Repeats (STR’s) are small repetitive sequences 3-7 base pairs long, that are randomly distributed throughout the human genome.

By amplifying and assessing these polymorphic loci and comparing the results to a known STR reference profile, the origin of biological samples such as cells or tissues can be determined and verified.

The more loci that are amplified, the higher the statistical confidence of discrimination due to variation in the repeats among human cell lines derived from individuals.

Many journals such as Nature, have guidelines for cell line authentication prior to publication.

Source BioScience offers a fast and reliable validation service using STR DNA typing and is consistent with the International Cell Line Authentication Committee guidelines. We aim to assist the scientific community to accurately identify human cell lines used in research and drug development.


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