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Real-time PCR services

Real-time PCR Services

Real-time PCR is a powerful tool to analyse DNA and RNA quantitatively. In contrast to traditional PCR end-point detection, real-time PCR collects data as the reaction is proceeding. By measuring the amounts of PCR product in the exponential phase of the reaction, real-time PCR provides a fast, precise and sensitive way for DNA and RNA quantitation.


  • Validation of expression of genes resulting from microarray studies
  • Quantitation of gene expression
  • Detection and quantitation of DNA
  • Pre-designed and Custom assays (including design) available


  • Gold standard TaqMan® assay for robust high throughput applications.
  • High throughput liquid handling instrumentation
  • ABI PRISM 7900HT sequence detection systems permit high throughput data collection

Source BioScience will...

  • Assist you in the design of the assays
  • QC your total RNA and convert it into cDNA
  • Run and analyse your samples returning your data on CD-R or via a secure web server

Real-time PCR using Low Density Arrays PCR

The Applied Biosystems low density array (microfluidic card) screens multiple samples against custom-selected gene panels, providing a cost-effective solution to validating the expression of large numbers of genes using smaller numbers of samples.

Up to 380 genes can be rapidly examined on the same array using the well-established ABI TaqMan® gene expression reagents. These are predesigned real-time PCR assays available for human, mouse, and rat gene expression research.

The TaqMan® Assay can be customised to a design of 6 configurations: from 11 genes with 4 replicates run on 8 samples, to 380 genes with no replicates run on a single sample.

The low density array minimizes reagent consumption, as reaction volumes of ~2ul not only reduce the cost in terms of consumables but also limit the amount of RNA required per experiment.


Real-time PCR expression studies using Applied Biosystems low density array (microfluidic card) can be used for:

  • Studying expression levels when the same gene targets are routinely examined
  • Validating large numbers of genes from microarray studies using real time PCR
  • Facilitating drug discovery, disease research and pathway analysis using the Applied Biosystems Gene Signature Arrays


  • Gold standard TaqMan® assay for robust high throughput applications.
  • High throughput liquid handling instrumentation
  • ABI PRISM 7900HT Sequence Detection Systems permit high throughput data collection


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