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SNP Microarrays

SNP Microarrays

A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) is a single base pair mutation that occurs in 1% or more of the population. They can be found in coding, non-coding and intronic regions of genomes and have been linked to many diseases by mapping disease loci and candidate gene association studies.

There are currently more than 50+ million SNPs listed by dbSNP (NCBI) in the human genome, with millions of new discoveries made each year.

With multiple genomic targets potentially contributing to disease, SNP genotyping microarrays have been used to effectively identify regions of the human genome that contribute to disease susceptibility and disease phenotypes. High density SNP arrays contain thousands of probes which are arrayed on a small chip and allows many SNPs to be interrogated simultaneously.

Source BioScience is able to accommodate any SNP genotyping project and assist researchers to better understand the functional implications of genetic variation across the genome.


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