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Library Preparation

Library Preparation

Library preparation allows for the conversion of extracted genetic material to sequencing ready libraries. The addition of adapters and barcodes allows for a wealth of samples to be multiplexed on a single lane, the result being lower bias in sequencing data.

Selecting an appropriate library preparation is essential for good quality sequencing data. Many factors are important during the library preparation selection process, including; DNA/RNA quality and quantity, particular gene coverage and the aim of the experiment. With significant experience in a breadth of commercial library preparations, evidenced by our certifications, we are in a position to provide expert advice on library preparation selection.

The biological question?

Every project aims to answer a unique set of questions. Therefore we provide a vast and diverse selection of library preparations to cater for each individual project’s needs. With preparations for small RNA, total RNA, mRNA, whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, metagenomics, targeted sequencing and custom projects, Source BioScience are able to provide a solution for your next-generation sequencing project.


The input material is the initial starting point for library preparation selection. The starting material is usually decided from the aim of the experiment, with gene expression experiments utilising RNA and broader part or whole genome studies employing DNA.

Low quality of genetic material?

Many samples taken from hospitals are often stored utilising methods which do not promote DNA and RNA preservation. Storing tissue as Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) samples is common; however this method is particularly harsh on nucleic acids, often resulting in highly degraded low quality genetic material. By utilising specially designed library preparation protocols, it is possible to gain high quality sequencing data from these low quality samples.

Low input quantity?

Genetic material from hard to obtain samples can often be of a low quantity. Ultra-low input library preparation kits are available, with the possibility to perform DNA and RNA sequencing from the nucleic acid extracted from a single cell. These preparations allow for high quality sequencing of the rarest of samples.

Custom designed library preparations?

If your project has specific requirements which are not covered by a conventional library preparation, Source BioScience are able to design and supply custom targeted captures to cover particular sets of genes or chromosomal regions for both DNA and RNA. This option is especially useful when deeper sequencing is required for a smaller gene or region set.

Troublesome ribosomal and mitochondrial RNA?

Ribosomal RNA, whilst being non-coding, constitutes the vast majority of the RNA within mammalian cells. Therefore by removing ribosomal RNA during the library preparation step, a larger percentage of the sequencing reads can be used to analyse the other types of RNA constituting the total RNA. There is also the option to remove mitochondrial RNA to further concentrate the sequencing.


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