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RNA Sequencing

RNA Sequencing 

RNA sequencing examines the genetic material involved in the expression and regulation of genes.

Gene expression often varies between normal cells and diseased cells, especially in cancers. By analysing gene expression and the mechanisms that affect it, specific treatment options can be made to help improve the prognosis of patients.

Total RNA sequencing

Total RNA sequencing involves the sequencing of all of the RNA within a sample. Usually, the ribosomal RNA is removed from a sample, as this RNA is highly abundant and is non-coding, instead it forms part of the ribosome. Additionally, mitochondrial RNA may also be removed. By sequencing the entire total RNA, however, we can look not only at the protein coding messenger RNA, but also the RNA transcripts involved in interference and regulation of different genes.

Transcriptome sequencing

Transcriptome sequencing involves sequencing the mRNA, the RNA which directly codes for proteins. By sequencing the mRNA, it is possible to identify which genes are over-and-under expressed, as well as identifying novel transcripts within the transcriptome.

Small RNA sequencing

Small RNA sequencing utilises a preparation which selects for small RNAs within a sample. By sequencing small RNAs, and analysing which are expressed, the presence of interfering molecules can be identified, which are an important for post-transcriptional gene silencing and regulation.

De novo transcriptome assembly

For previously unsequenced organisms, where a reference sequence is unavailable, we can perform a de novo transcriptome assembly, to produce a complete transcriptome sequence from sequencing data.

Some organisms require different ribosomal RNA depletion options, and for others a poly-a selection for mRNA may not be suitable. Please contact our experienced sales team for advice on designing your project.


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