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Real-Time PCR Services

Real-Time PCR Services

Real-Time PCR has long been established as the standard method of choice for laboratories requiring reliable quantitative PCR (QPCR). In contrast to traditional PCR end-point detection, by using specialised instrumentation and dye-labeling, Real-Time PCR collects data as the reaction is proceeding. Because the quantity of PCR product is measured in the exponential phase of the reaction, Real-Time PCR provides an accurate as well as fast and sensitive means to quantify your amplicons.

Our Real-Time PCR services are ISO-accredited and suitable for quantification of gene expression, SNP genotyping and assessment of copy number variation. We use both SYBR® Green and Taqman® technologies and either standard curve or Comparative CT analysis. GCP-compliant studies can be conducted if required. 

 Use our Real-Time PCR services for your small to medium-sized projects or where your requirement is either small number of assays/large sample number or small number of samples/large assay number. For larger projects you should consider using our alternative Genotyping Services, Microarray Services and Next Generation Sequencing Services.

Use our Real-Time PCR services and our traditional PCR-based genotyping and sex testing services for your animal breeding programs. 

Assay formats available

  • Taqman® SNP Genotyping assay
  • Taqman® Gene Expression assay
  • Taqman® miRNA, small RNA and ncRNA assays
  • Taqman® copy number assay
  • Single tube, 96 well plate and 384 well plate format
  • Pre-designed or custom options
  • Gene signature or custom panels available

Common Applications

  • Genotyping of animal and plant breeding populations
  • Genotype correlation studies (low number of genes of interest)
  • Disease/Pathway research
  • Mutation Screening
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Validation of Studies


  • ABI PRISM 7900HT Sequence Detection System- permits high throughput of up to 84 plates at once
  • Roche Light Cycler 480- used for high resolution melting (HRM) applications (discrimination of larger indels)

Source BioScience will:

  • Provide a consultation with our dedicated team of highly-qualifies and experienced scientists 
  • Assign a Project Manager to you who will provide support and updates throughout the project
  • Assist you in the design of the assays
  • QC your samples and perform RNA to cDNA conversion
  • Run and analyse your samples returning your data via a secure web server


For further information and prices please contact us or call +44 (0)115 973 9012

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