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Cryobank & Cryogenic Storage

Cryobank & Cryogenic Storage

The Source BioScience Cryobank provides state-of-the-art cryogenic storage facilities to the global scientific community. Our aim is to make the very best cryostorage facilities accessible to customers across a range of sectors, providing sample security, peace of mind and considerable cost savings.

Built on extensive experience in stability storage for the pharmaceutical industry and more than 20 years experience gained in the storage of biological samples, we provide the coordination and distribution of samples from specialist laboratories, hospitals and NHS trusts.

Our Cryobank is HTA licenced and fully equipped with vapour phase cryogenic freezers, which are maintained at maximum operating efficiency and temperature by an independently sited liquid nitrogen supply tank. In addition, precise storage temperature control is managed by our validated monitoring and control systems.

Incorporating secure storage and real time tracking of stored samples, our Cryobank customers are assured that all safety issues are in strict accordance with the latest regulations and that Source BioScience has the staff and systems to offer a first class biological storage facility.

Services include:

  • Storage of cells and tissues
  • Working and master cell banks
  • Second site storage minimising the risk of sample loss
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Contingency for unforeseen events including insolvency


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